Attorney Adam Williams Live Interview

September 13th, 2019, 8:00 AM

"It was a little surprising to see some of the things that were in there," said Erie business lawyer, Adam Williams.

All because of a line tucked in the contract which they signed, and many admittedly did not read. It reads, "If a purchaser charges back, disputes or inquires about any charges applied by our company to their credit / debit card, purchaser authorizes a charge of $500 per transaction to be charged to their credit/debit card to cover fees, penalties and or administration costs applied to or bared by the company."

"The $500 fee for questioning the company is buried in the middle of a paragraph that's 15 lines long, unless you're really reading this thing carefully, you wouldn't know that these provisions are in there," said Williams. "So I think if this did get in front of a judge, they'd have some concerns with this language," Williams continues.

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