Client Success: Jeremy Young

April 11th, 2019, 6:45 PM

When he's not at home reenacting Star Wars scenes with his 4-year-old, Addison, Erie native Jeremy Young is running Federal Resources Corporation. Since first contacting us in 2013, Jeremy went from VP of cybersecurity, to unemployed, to being the President of a multi-million dollar government-contracting cybersecurity company. So how did he do it?

Before his senior year at Clarion University, Jeremy was awarded the Hewlett-Packard Federal Sales and Marketing Organization Internship in Washington, D.C. It was this position that inspired him to move to the D.C. area, where he quickly grew in his career through various positions providing technology solutions and services into the Federal Government.

When he decided to leave the D.C. area, Jeremy gave up a position as the VP of Cybersecurity at a billion-dollar corporation to pursue his own venture, known now as Federal Resources Corporation. Being fully aware about Erie winters (and that the summers make up for it), Jeremy decided that the company he'd started would lend well to our city's economic climate. Because he was working in a decentralized industry, he knew he could build his company in Erie while still supporting his customers on a global scale.

Since moving just under one year ago, Jeremy's gone from basically unemployed, to hiring seven employees, to now having over 160 with the recent acquisition of another government contracting company. Today, Federal Resources Corporation provides government contracting solutions in IT virtualization, cloud computing, deep analytics, cybersecurity, information assurance, and operations support.

Jeremy's favorite part of his job? Well, there were too many to choose just one:

  • The exciting and fast-paced nature of the technology industry, which constantly evolves and sees exponential growth
  • Supporting end-user customers and partners with almost any use case they encounter (meaning, if you have an interest in something, the government probably needs technology solutions to support it)
  • The U.S. Fed is a global organization that offers endless opportunities to travel and see the world (which Jeremy jokes is a plus because he basically never traveled south of Pittsburgh until age 18)
  • The teams he works with are some of the brightest and most dedicated people on the planet
  • The community has been incredibly supportive of his decision to move, which he says has been an incredible source of impact, energy, and growth for the city

So what's next for Federal Resources? Simply put: incredible growth. They've been strategizing with five year plans to drive more value to their customers through products, services, and consulting, and they hope to see more acquisitions down the line.

At Rust Belt Law, we were fortunate to work with Jeremy through his various acquisitions and endeavors. We are excited to see what else Jeremy has in store for this organization, and we can't wait to support them as they progress! If you're interested in learning about how we can support your business as you grow, contact us today.

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