Rust Belt Business Law: Driving Growth and Recognition in the Northeast

April 3rd, 2024, 7:00 PM

In an exciting announcement that marks a significant milestone for our community and our firm, Rust Belt Business Law has been ranked #114 in the prestigious Inc. Regionals Northeast 2024. This recognition is not just a testament to our firm's rapid two-year growth of 134% but also underscores our commitment to serving the Erie, Pittsburgh, and broader Northeast region with unparalleled legal expertise.

The Journey from Erie Business Law to Rust Belt Business Law:

A few years ago, we made a strategic decision to rebrand from Erie Business Law to Rust Belt Business Law. This transition was rooted in our ambition to expand our reach beyond Erie and Pittsburgh, targeting the entire Northeast region, including states like Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and others. Our goal was clear: to attract clients from across the region and reinvest in our local community of Erie, fostering growth and prosperity.

Impact and Growth in the Northeast:

Being recognized as one of the two law firms on the Inc. Regionals Northeast 2024 list is a remarkable achievement that speaks volumes about our team's hard work, dedication, and innovative approach to business law. This ranking highlights our firm's role as a pivotal player in the Northeast's legal and business landscape, contributing to our areas of expertise in startup businesses, trademarks, commercial real estate, and complex business contracts.

Reinvesting in Erie:

Our vision extends beyond just business growth; it encompasses a deep-rooted commitment to Erie's economic development and community revitalization. Being the 114th fastest-growing business in the Northeast according to Inc. is a milestone that motivates us to continue our efforts in bringing more opportunities back to Erie. We're not just a law firm; we're a catalyst for positive change, driving job creation, and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit that Erie and Pittsburgh are known for.


Rust Belt Business Law's recognition in the Inc. Regionals Northeast 2024 is a testament to our firm's strategic vision, our team's relentless pursuit of excellence, and our unwavering commitment to the communities we serve. We are proud to represent Erie and Pittsburgh on a regional scale, bringing national attention to our local endeavors. As we celebrate this achievement, we remain dedicated to providing the best legal services to our clients while contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of Erie and the surrounding regions.

Final Thoughts:

For innovative legal solutions that drive business growth and success, contact Rust Belt Business Law. Let's discuss how we can support your business ambitions and contribute to our community's thriving future together.

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