Securing Your Brand Name and Assets

February 2nd, 2024, 9:30 AM

For emerging startups and nationally scaling companies alike, building a recognizable brand name and visual identity remains foundational to success. Distinct logos, trademarks, fonts, and images - these proprietary marks fuel familiarity, reputation, and ultimately sales.

However, without multilayered legal protections in place, the branding components at the heart of consumer connections rest vulnerable over the long term. Trademark infringements, confusingly similar naming by competitors, logo mimicry and more all serve to erode brand equity built through years of interaction.

That's why our team at Rust Belt Business Law works closely with business owners to implement comprehensive branding conservation regimens tailored to evolving strategic objectives. 

Federal Trademark Registration and Monitoring

We assist clients with formally registering trademarks and specific logos to back exclusivity claims should marketing conflicts ever arise. Ongoing monitoring helps intercept external registration efforts that may cause confusion.

Common Law Trademarks

Beyond federal trademarks, we leverage documented evidence of logos, names, or slogans in active commercial use to establish enforceable common law rights over branding elements. This further solidifies ownership.

DMCA Takedown Protocols

For companies with robust online operations, we execute DMCA takedown notifications on your behalf if web-based brand theft occurs. Removing infringing uses safeguards perception and integrity.

Cease and Desist Letters

When unauthorized usages of trademarks or protected marks emerge, our lawyers draft and send custom cease and desist letters. These serve to document disputes and resolve issues quickly before litigation becomes necessary.

Internal Branding Guidelines

To empower business owners to make informed decisions on future branding licensing deals, joint promotions, affiliates, and external usage requests - we help codify usage policies and controls.

From preemptive trademark filings to handling incidents of infringement, Rust Belt Business Law offers counsel at every step. Contact our team today to customize balancing branding growth with resilience.

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