Meet the Rust Belt Law Team

Attorney Adam  Williams
Attorney Adam Williams
Matthew  McGeehan
Matthew McGeehan
Associate Attorney

Jackie  Williams, CPA
Jackie Williams, CPA
Matthew   Sherr
Matthew Sherr
Firm Administrator
Kristen  Santiago
Kristen Santiago
Director of Marketing

Amy  Weir
Amy Weir
Client Relationship Manager
Ryan   Avione
Ryan Avione
Client Relationship Manager
Ashley  Muckinhaupt
Ashley Muckinhaupt
Director of ERC
Kambria  List
Kambria List
Legal Assistant
Michael  Galla
Michael Galla
Accounting and Settlement Assistant
Larry  Klick
Larry Klick
Marketing Coordinator
Devin  Zolotovskiy
Devin Zolotovskiy
Billing Specialist / Receptionist
Jocelyn  Mercado
Jocelyn Mercado
Data Entry Specialist
Desiree   Bezuidenhout
Desiree Bezuidenhout
Data Entry Specialist A/P


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