Ashley Muckinhaupt

Director of ERC

"Growth takes place outside of your comfort zone" -Dawn Staley

I truly believe that if I am comfortable in my career, not being challenged, or find it "easy". Then I'm NOT growing. I want to be uncomfortable every day, that's how I'm going to know that I've learned something new or I met a struggle that was going to make me better than I was the day before. 

Ashley began working at Rust Belt Business Law in January of 2021 as the Executive Assistant for Attorney Adam Williams. Ashley was responsible for handling the day to day activities of Attorney Williams and making sure the schedule was organized and on track. Now though you can find her heading the ERC Project at the firm and managing the team to make sure that the system and process is running smoothly and effectively. 

Ashley first attended the Academy of Cosmetology right after high school and graduated with a Degree in Cosmetology. Directly after that she attended Edinboro University and graduated with both her bachelor's and master's degree in Communications. After working in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, and in management and marketing for over eight years she decided to take a different career direction and try a new role here at Rust Belt Business Law. Inspired by the firm's desire to help the community and their clients, Ashley feels this is the perfect opportunity to learn and be part of an amazing team that works together.

When Ashley is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring local shops and eateries and reading. Her favorite store is EarthShine in Edinboro and her favorite place to stop and grab a smoothie or enjoy a good book is the Juice Jar in Erie. Creating adventures and moments and dedicating her time to her four children is the number one thing in her life.

Ashley also believes that practicing meditation and finding time for meaningful connections is an important part of everyday balance. A happy soul equals a happy life.

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