Jenn Fourteen

Executive Assistant to Adam Williams

Jenn was born in Dallas, Texas, and moved to Pennsylvania on a whim in her late twenties. There, she met and married filmmaker BC Fourteen and has been involved in filmmaking ever since. She has worked on everything from acting to sewing costumes to catering to finding her niche as a Post Production Manager, with over 53 films to her credit, as of 2024.

With administrative experience spanning over 20 years, Jenn brings her unique toolbox to RustBelt as Adam Williams' executive assistant. She organizes his ever-changing calendar and stays on top of his to-do list, neverending email inbox, and other obligations, which allows him to spend more time on higher-value projects and priorities.

Outside of work, Jenn is passionate about gardening, art history, and travel. She's an avid reader and DIY'er. She's also preoccupied with sleep. Since Jenn and her husband share three kids, four dogs, a beta fish and a lobster, she has been sleep-deprived since 2016.

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