Michael Galla

Accounting and Settlement Assistant
Michael began at Rust Belt Business Law working as a filing assistant in September of 2021 with a focus on real estate transactions, title insurance, and document management.
Today, he continues to help with settlements and communicate with involved parties, such as title insurance underwriters, clients, lenders, government offices, and other law firms.
Further contributions include generating reports on title, drafting legal descriptions, various certifications, affidavits, letters of correspondence, and legal documents as the need arises.
Michael has had the opportunity to help improve Rust Belt Business Law's policies and procedures by standardizing letter formatting and by implementing more efficient document management practices.
His newest training involves accounting assistant work related to the Emergency Retention Tax Credit under the CARES Act, which has developed into a critical part of how our firm helps small businesses.
Outside of the office, Michael looks after his beloved dog Benji, a hound-Labrador mix, and has an interest in cooking Italian-style food.

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